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   Town Planing Schemes

Town Planning scheme 1:-

Area comprises portions of Mahadev Gate, Uplipad Road, Nagar Chakala, Darbar Gadh and Swaminarayan Temples
Road to be completed: 9 m road
From Mahadev Gate to adjoining scheme number 8
The new 12 m road passes through Sarpat Gate to Bhid Gate. One garden is proposed at Uplipad area, one vegetable market at the same area, seven commercial areas are to be developed. Hamirsar Talav is to be beautified. Pragmal Palace and Mahadev Gate, the great heritages, are to be retrofitted.

Situation Before Town Planning
Highlights of Town Planning

Preparation of Town Planning Schemes

Human Orientation & Implementation
Public Participation

Town Planning scheme 2

Area comprises portions of Mahadev Naka, Gervali Wandi, Talavseri, Nagar Chakala, part of Meharali Chawlk, Waniyawad and Vayadadela
The new 12 m road passes through in this Town Planning Scheme from Chhadhibari to Talav sheri. 75 m road has been developed from Talav Sheri to Waniya Wad. Approximately six plots are kept as parking space, 4 plots for park and six plots as Open Space.

Town Planning scheme 3

Portions of Bhid Chowk, Station Road, Salat Falia, are the part of Town Planning Scheme no. 3. One can see the 12 m road passing through Dhatia Falia to Bhid Gate. And the 9 m road from Ganesh petrol pump to Patel petrol pump. A new school is to be started near Bhid area by the Government. There is a provision for five Open Space, two great parks, a weekly market and approximately 5 parking zones are coming up at Bhid Chowk

Town Planning scheme 4

Comprising portions of Sharaf Bazar, Waniyawad, Dhatia Faliya, Wokla Faliya, Panchmukha Hanumansheri.
The lane in Sharaf Bazar, the main Bazar and heart of the city, having approximately 90 shops, was of around 3 m. Now it is of 6 m. Waniya Wad has had 3 m lane and now it is 12 m road. Around 10 new parking space fixed up. One 100 sq.m. space is to be turned up as Children’s Park. 25 Sale for Commercial (S.F.C.) and five Open Spaces are to be created.
10 utility spaces are designed in which Authority may plan anything as per requirement.

It is one of the landmark achievements of BHADA in case of widening of Sharaf Bazaar lane. The lane was just 3 m wide and lots of casualties happened at the time of the great disaster, consequently it was under town planning to make it 6 m wide. Looking to the other developments, about 90 shop holders of that lane showed their willingness to draw back their shops to the given distances. Authority did not have to apply its forces or machinery for demolishing any portion of any shop.
Shop holders and authority had amicable discussion to decide the time to happen it.

Town Planning scheme 5

The Scheme comprises portions of Danda Bazar, Khatri Chakala, part of Sharaf Bazar, Kansara Bazar, Bhid Gate, Pipala Faliya.
12 m road passing through Danda Bazar to Bhid gate, 9 m new kalika road starting from Pipla Faliya to Haweli Faliya, 6 m road through Sharaf Bazar and Ravani Faliya. One Children Park in Mochi Sheri and Kansara Bazar. Approximately 10 plots are kept as Open space and 3 plots for parking zones. Around 60 new shops may come up in the new Town Planning Scheme.


Town Planning scheme 6

Khatri Faliya, Mutton market, part of Bhid Naka, Sarpat Gate, Bhangi Faliya etc.
9 m road runs through Sarpat gate to Bhid gate, which is completed. 24 m road runs through Sarpat gate to Bhid parallel to the 9 m road.
Roughly 40 Open Space are ther and 20 utility plots, 10 plots as parking, and 2 substantial size gardens are proposed.

Town Planning scheme 7

Area comprising part of Darbargadh, Sharaf Bazar, Partially Soniwad, Sarpat Gate, Khatri Chowk and Sumara Deli. The new 12 m road runs through Sarpat Gate to Danda Bazar. New 6 m roads are incorporated. 4 parking space, utility garden at Machhi Bhid area are proposed.

Town Planning scheme 8

The area includes portions of Soniwad, Pabburai Faliya, Patwadi Gate, Pathan Faliya, Mallik Faliya and Sejwala Matam.
12 m road crosses through Soniwad, Godar Faliya and Sarpat Gate. 9 m road between Mallick Faliya and Pathan Faliya and Joshi Faliya and Sumrah Faliya. Commercial and earhtquake memorial park is reserved at Soniwad. Skin affected people will be resettled near Police Quarter. Sports and recreation centre at agriculture land at ................................ centre too is to come up at the above mentioned place.

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